Extrusion, lacquering, anodizing, sublimation, precision cutting and machining

We cover your needs with the highest quality and a customized service. We work with all types of warehouses and industries, both nationally and internationally.

Aluminum solutions for the industrial sector

We cover the full range of aluminum profiles to meet the needs of the industry.

Our technical office has professionals with years of experience who will study your project to provide you with the best solution.


About us

Protecciones y Lacados S.L. was created to meet the demand for treatment and lacquering of aluminum profiles.

The company currently covers the entire production process of aluminum profiles.

We develop your tailor-made projects.

From the very first moment, your satisfaction and peace of mind come first.



❖ 6060
❖ 6063
❖ 6005

❖ 6463
❖ 6082


Treatments Thermal

❖ T4
❖ T4 stabilized
❖ T5
❖ T54

❖ T6
❖ T64
❖ T66


Direct cut

In presses from 3,000 to 7,000 m.m.


Cutting of accuracy

With an accuracy of ± 0.01 m.m.

Guarantee of success

With more than 40 years of successful experience in the sector, it is strategically located in Seville to meet the needs of the market.

2 x 7 inch extrusion presses

Automated linear production

2 Treatment and coating plants

Eco-sustainable anodizing plant

Thermal break plant

Machining and Precision Cutting Center

Wood Sublimation Plant

Industrial Packaging Plant

0 mt/year
Production capacity
+ 0
+ 0
Years of trajectory
+ 0 people
Development Department

More than 200 direct jobs

Our team of professionals works in perfect coordination so that everything is executed with total precision, guaranteeing the highest quality in terms of product and deadlines.

We comply with UNE standards, demonstrating a strong commitment to the environment (we recycle more than 7,500 ™ per year).

We count and work with the market leaders as suppliers, being our materials of 1st fusion extruded with alloy: 6060, 6063, 6463, 6005 and 6082.

Proylac's quality and environmental management system

For more than 40 years, PROYLAC has placed special emphasis on pursuing development, production improvement and broad distribution while maintaining more sustainable and responsible business practices with our planet and the environment.

PROYLAC ha decidido implementar un Sistema de Gestión de la Calidad y medioambiente. La Dirección utiliza esta política como marco de referencia para el establecimiento de los objetivos y enfoca este Sistema de Gestión para organizar el funcionamiento de la empresa desde unos pilares básicos como:

  1. Quality of its products y services
  2. Satisfaction of Customer Satisfaction
  3. Management management management.

Our activity is governed by respect for the environment and is applied in all departments of the company, with the General Management leading this premise.

We maintain an ongoing commitment to environmental protection, waste management and pollution prevention. To this end, we plan, execute, review and improve each of our actions. These actions are aimed at paying the utmost attention to technological evolution.

For this reason, at our PROYLAC headquarters, we have installed solar energy sources to supply the energy demand of our production.

The photovoltaic system for self-consumption without surplus has a photovoltaic generator with a peak power of 1695.60 kWp consisting of a field of 3768 modules of 450 Wp each and an installed power of 1380 kW provided by 23 three-phase inverters of 60 kW. The total energy produced is 2,615 kWh/year. We also have a robust recycling process for all surplus aluminum profiles in their entirety.

We work every day to generate as little hazardous waste as possible and reduce our environmental impact.

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Protecciones y Lacados guarantees the quality of its material and manufacturing processes to deliver an optimal product.

Do you need commercial contact?

If you are interested in talking to our sales department, please contact us through the contact form or phone call and we will advise you on what you need.

Do you need commercial contact?

If you are interested in talking to our sales department, please contact us through the contact form or phone call and we will advise you on what you need.